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NWLC October Newsletter

Posted on October 16, 2012

The NWLC is pleased to share with you the October 2012 National Women’s Liberal Commission newsletter. In this issue, you’ll find reflections on Women’s History Month, an update on Judy Fund events across the country, and a re-cap of the Women’s Caucus retreat in Montebello, Québec last month.

It is an exciting time to be a Liberal in Canada, with our Party’s leadership race soon to be underway.  The Women’s Commission will be asking all leadership candidates a series of questions about the issues most important to our women members, including ideas for increasing the number of female candidates, winning back the women’s vote in Canada, and more.

Your input is important to this process. Please reply to this email with the most important question you think the National Women’s Liberal Commission needs to be asking of our leadership candidates.  We’ll share each candidate’s answers with you, so you can make an informed decision when you cast your vote.

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  1. Wendy Robbins said on

    I think a key question with respect to Party organization and commitment to women’s fair representation is to not only ask the leadership candidates about setting targets for the percentage of LPC women candidates in the next federal election, but also to ask them what mechanisms they would put in place to ensure that we reach those targets. For example, could electoral districts be twinned and asked to select two candidates, a man and a woman?

  2. Eunice de Gruchy said on

    I want to hear women’s issues at the forefront for Liberals and I hope we will see a woman (women) running too. My question for all leadership hopefuls: how would you contribute to the basic, vital issue of parenting and early childhood care? Because I believe the first years of life are crucial issue for our future, for both men and women. If we could just get this right so many social problems would be resolved BEFORE emerging as problems for education, employment, criminal justice etc.
    Eunice de Gruchy
    Chateauguay, Quebec

  3. Sylvia Ray said on

    I would ask the Leadership candidates: What would you do to limit the powers of the PMO?

  4. Susan Dyke said on

    Please talk about policies in regard to senior accommodation[long term care facilitates], and support from the federal government. Many women are looking after children and seniors at the same time, or family members with Alzheimer’s or cancer. More supports need to be in place for the senior boom:especially in rural areas.

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