It is an exciting time to be a Liberal woman!

After our successful Liberal Convention in Ottawa, women across the country are interested in the many ways they can get more involved in rebuilding the Liberal Party.

I was encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of our young Liberal women such as Maddie Webb and Alyx Holland demonstrated by their new initiative Beyond the Numbers, which is  intended to attract more young women to the Liberal Party.

I am pleased to welcome a closer relationship with our women colleagues who are also members of the Youth Commission, such as Audrey Caron, the Seniors Commission, such as Helene Audren, and the Aboriginal Commission, such as Cherish Clarke  and Naomi Sayers . Working together, we will be stronger.

As Liberal women, who share progressive values and who understand that Harper is taking Canada backwards, one step at a time, we need to multiply our efforts and reach out to our circles of family and friends (and their friends and family) in person, by email and through social media to amplify our communication, increase our membership and raise the Judy LaMarsh Fund money our Liberal women candidates need to win.

As president of the National Women’s Liberal Commission, I look forward to hearing your ideas, supporting your initiatives and working with you to make sure the voice of Liberal women is heard loud and clear in the Liberal party and through out Canada.

Mary Pynenburg
President, National Women’s Liberal Commission