Starting a club

Are you interested in getting involved with the National Women’s Liberal Commission by starting a club in your area? Here’s what to do to get started:

A club is formed when a group of at least ten (10) Commission members hold a founding meeting, elect an interim executive and agree to abide by the NWLC Charter, and the Constitution & By-laws of the Liberal Party of Canada. If you’re unsure if there’s already a club in your area, reach out to us here to find out!

Here’s what is required to hold a founding meeting, and to be recognized by the provincial/territorial section of the commission as an official Club:

    • Reach out to the LPC Commissions Coordinator in order to get the process started. You can contact them via email at, or Connecting with them earlier will ensure that you have all of the information you require about the process before getting started. They can also be of assistance in preparing notices, and securing meeting chairs/returning officers.
    • A founding meeting must be held in accordance with LPC Party By-laws 1 (Commissions) and 6 (Elections). This includes :
      • Providing an official meeting notice to all Commission members resident in the riding where the club is to be founded (in the case of a riding club), no later than 28 days before the date of the meeting.
      • Include Date & Time of the meeting.
      • Include purpose of club or geographic region.
      • List all positions that will be available for election (A Chair and a Recording Officer must be elected at the first meeting. Other positions can be filled on an interim basis at a subsequent meeting of the WLC Club Executive).
      • Explanation of the process by which members can submit their Intent to Stand for a position on the inaugural executive board (to be conducted in accordance with LPC Staff & the National Returning Officer).
    • A group of ten (10) club members in attendance, each of whom must be Registered Liberals in good standing with the LPC and who are eligible commission members.
    • Following the founding meeting, the following documents must be sent to the section of the provincial commission & the LPC Commissions Coordinator (Hannah Vervoort):
      • Initial membership list,
      • Statement of purpose and specify their geographic reason
      • The record of its founding meeting, including notice of such meeting and attendance by a minimum number of club members as required by By-law 1 – Commissions.
      • To maintain its status, each duly formed WLC Club shall provide an updated filing not less than every 24 months. This update should include any minutes & updated club executive and membership lists from the previous General Meeting of the WLC Club.