Message from the NWLC (O) Chair:

Dear Liberals,

Mark your calendar as the National Women’s Liberal Commission (Ontario) brings you Club Connectors  (campaign training sessions, for whenever the next election may come) across the province!  We had a successful campaign college in Ottawa on February 29 with over 60 participants and 4 Members of Parliament (Catherine McKenna, MP Ottawa-Centre; Mona Fortier, MP Ottawa-Vanier; Karen McCrimmon, MP Kanata-Carleton; and Marie-France Lalonde, MP Orleans).   See the NWLC(O) Facebook page for pictures of the event.

Due to ongoing public health guidance regarding COVID-19, we had to cancel future Club Connectors in Scarborough, Mississauga, Kingston and in Southern Ontario.  When groups are able to meet face-to-face, we will reschedule.  In the meantime, we are exploring doing Club Connector webinars, and more details will be available soon.  You will hear from a panel of female MPs, present and past, who will share their experiences in running for political office.  Betsy McGregor, the author of “Women on the Ballot – Pathways to Political Power”, will lead the discussion and training.  Check out the LPC/LPCO Events Section to catch the details of the event in your area.  There is no registration fee, but donations are accepted from those who are in a position to chip in! 

Thank you for your ideas and involvement,

Alicia S. Natividad, Chair

National Women’s Liberal Commission (Ontario)

Email: asn@anatividad.ca

Facebook:  @nwlco

Twitter:  @nwlcontario Twitter:  @nwlcontario

Email: nwlco.clfno@gmail.com 

NWLC(O) May 2020 E-Bulletin

Executive Members :

Chair – Alicia S. Natividad

Vice Chair – Layla Sharif

Recording Officer – Stephania Raimondo

Communications Chair – Batool Siddiqui

Membership Chair – Donna Nelson

Organization Chair –Nivitha Jeyakumar

Policy Chair – Paulette Haynes

Finance Chair – Julie Lutete

Fundraising Chair – Leanne MacDonald

Regional Representative, Eastern Ontario – Tatyana Loeffler-Vulpe

Regional Representative, Toronto – Jovanie Nicoyishakiye

Regional Representative, Golden Horseshoe – Nawres Fouad

Regional Representative, Northern Ontario – Heather Wilson

Regional Representative, Southern Ontario – Deqa Nuur

YLC(O) Representative – VACANT

SLC(O) Representative – Daphne Gabriel

NWLC(O) Representative to SLC(O) – VACANT

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