Alberta Women’s Liberal Commission

The Alberta Women’s Liberal Commission (AWLC) is the Alberta chapter of the National Women’s Liberal Commission. We promote women’s knowledge, participation, and interests in the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC). We also encourage women to run for office at all levels of government and to take on leadership roles within a campaign and within the LPC.

Our executive team is as follows:

AWLC Section Chair Crystina Dundas
AWLC Section Organization Chair Giustina Bombini
AWLC Section Policy Chair Anna Bodnar
AWLC Section Vice Chair Celine Yegani

As half the members of the Young Liberals of Canada, the Indigenous Peoples’ Commission, and the Senior Liberals’ Commission identify as female, we have fostered great relationships with them to ensure that those demographics within the AWLC are heard. As Liberal women who share progressive values we need to multiply our efforts and reach out to our circles of family and friends (and their friends and family) in person, by email and through social media to amplify our communication, increase our membership and raise the Judy LaMarsh Fund money our Liberal women candidates need to win.

As chair of the AWLC, I look forward to hearing your ideas, supporting your initiatives, and working with you to make sure the voice of Liberal women is heard loud and clear in the Liberal party and throughout Alberta. Should you want to be more involved with us, please feel free to email me at

As Always,

Heather Rempel

Chair, AWLC