NWLC Executive


National Chair Alicia Natividad
National Vice-Chair Layla Sharif
Recording Officer Donna Nelson
Organization Chair Amarit Brar
Policy Chair Judith Quinn
Membership Chair Heather Mulligan
Communications Chair Sara Elhawash
Fundraising/Judy La Marsh Chair Margareta Dovgal
Section Chair, Newfoundland and Labrador VACANT
Section Chair, Prince Edward Island Elayne McLaine
Section Chair, Nova Scotia Shari Burnard Ostrom
Section Chair, New Brunswick VACANT
Section Chair, Québec Viviane Minko
Section Chair, Ontario Alicia Natividad
Section Chair, Manitoba Gloria Kelly
Section Chair, Saskatchewan VACANT
Section Chair, Alberta Heather Rempel
Section Chair, British Columbia Marina Ashade
Section Chair, Yukon VACANT
Representative, Young Liberals of Canada Molly Wilkins
Representative, Indigenous Peoples Commission Suzy Kies
Representative, Senior Liberals’ Commission  Gloria Kelly
LPC Commissions Coordinator Hannah Vervoort