Nova Scotia Women’s Liberal Commission

Our small, but fierce, Commission promotes the inclusion of women in all areas of the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia. Our role is primarily to ensure that there are women in voting positions on EDAs throughout the province, and to actively recruit and support women Liberal candidates. We work with the National Women’s Liberal Commission and the Judy LaMarsh Fund to help advance the role of women across the country. All female and female identifying members of the Liberal Party of Canada in Nova Scotia are members of the Nova Scotia Women’s Liberal Commission. They are encouraged to participate in all activities of the Commission. Those interested should register with the Membership Chair of the WLC. We encourage the participation of our members from all cultures, religions, and from all regions of Nova Scotia. The mission of the Nova Scotia Women’s Liberal Commission includes:

  • Ensuring greater political representation of women in provincial and federal elections, and in elective positions in all decision-making bodies within the party.
  • Participating in the development of policies on social, political, and economic issues that concern the lives of women and providing a female lens on all issues.
  • Ensuring the participation and inclusion of women in electoral district associations and encouraging the creation of women’s clubs.

Executive Committee

Section Chair Heather Peters
Section Vice-Chair Liz Healy
Section Recording Officer Vacant
Section Membership Chair Heather Mulligan  
Section Policy Chair Vacant
Section Organization Chair  Trish Maynard
Section Communications Chair  Vacant


The Nova Scotia Women’s Liberal Commission is experiencing a rebirth and would love to add more members and clubs to our growing group.