Women’s Caucus

The National Liberal Women’s Caucus has long been an active and passionate voice for Canadian women.

The women members of the Liberal caucus – and indeed the party as a whole – are determined to bring forth new ideas, exert new pressure and attract more women to political office to help make the case for more progressive and beneficial policies.

The Liberal Women’s Caucus released The Pink Book: A Framework for Canada’s Future, Volume 1, which recommends a series of policies to deal with the most pressing social and economic issues facing women in Canada, particularly working women and their families, caregivers and seniors. The Pink Book is the product of working sessions held in July 2006, by the Women’s Liberal Caucus with input from women and women’s groups across the country.

The Pink Book: Volume II was released in December 2007. The proposals in Volume II deal with violence against women, housing, Aboriginal women, immigrant and refugee women and rural women. As before, the recommendations are based on internal discussions and consultations with representatives of organizations that work on behalf of women.

In October 2009, Pink Book: Volume III was released containing proposals addressing Women in the Economy, Women’s Health and Safety and Women’s Equality.