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Starting a club

More information can be obtained from the president of the provincial/territorial women’s commission or from James Christie at the LPC national office.

Start a club

If you know of a group of Liberal women who might want to start a club, here’s what to do:

A club is formed when a group of at least 10 women Liberals hold a founding meeting, elect an interim executive and adopt a constitution or set of bylaws. To be recognized by the NWLC, a club must have at least 25 members; and,

  • hold an annual meeting for the purpose of electing an executive;
  • forward the club’s original constitution/bylaws on formation and any amendments that might be made from time to time, to the manager of the NWLC;
  • forward to the NWLC manager annually: minutes of the club’s annual general meeting and a list of both executive and membership;

To be recognized by a provincial/territorial women’s Liberal commission;

  • a club must be duly constituted at a formal meeting and must have at least 25 members in good standing;
  • a letter asking for recognition must be sent to the provincial/territorial women’s Liberal commission; the letter should enclose the following documents:
    1. the minutes of the founding meeting indicating the date, place and names with address and telephone numbers of the people attending the meeting
    2. a membership list with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the members and the executive
    3. the constitution or bylaws of the club
    4. a letter signed by the club president stating that all members of the club are in good standing (i.e. they have paid their dues);
  • the provincial/territorial women’s Liberal commission will study the documents and will forward a letter of recognition to the club
  • the club is responsible for forwarding a copy of this letter of recognition to the NWLC manager.
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