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Be a candidate

So if you’ve decided that you’re going to be a candidate… Congratulations! We are in great need of more women in our House of Commons.

You may have a desire to get involved, to have some influence, to address some of the changes you feel are essential to improve the lives of citizens.

Politics is about wanting to make a difference. One reason people enter politics is to participate in decision-making on public policy that has an impact on society in a broad and sustained way. You will have your own reasons for choosing politics.

Please contact Mary Pynenburg, President of the National Women’s Liberal Commission to let her know that you are interested in running.

The First Challenge: Winning the Nomination

If you are considering running for a nomination to represent the Liberal party, it is essential that you do a lot of networking at all levels of the party. It will be really important for you to make contact with the provincial election readiness co-chairs in your province.

The most important skill in winning a nomination meeting is your ability to sign up new members from your riding and ensure that they come out to vote for you on the day of the nomination meeting. Make sure that you learn about all the rules associated with the party’s membership process to avoid surprises. Ask questions about membership cut off dates and familiarize yourself with your party’s rules on the nomination process. Don’t wait for the nomination meeting to be called before you start recruiting supporters.

For a copy of the Liberal Party of Canada’s nomination rules, but please note that rules can be varied in each province as well so be sure to confirm the rules in your local province.

Get out and talk to other people who have won or lost nomination races to see what advice they have about how the process works for your political party.

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