Statement by the National Women’s Liberal Commission on Yvonne Jones’ Victory in Labrador

May 14, 2013

OTTAWA-  The National Women’s Liberal Commission made the following statement today on the byelection in Labrador:

“It is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations to Yvonne Jones on her election as the new Member of Parliament for the riding of Labrador. We are so pleased to welcome another strong woman to the Liberal caucus.”

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau added, “Today we have demonstrated that the Liberal message of hope and hard work is resonating, and that Canadians are tired of the Conservatives’ politics of cynicism, division and fear.”

The NWLC was pleased to have been able to support Yvonne’s campaign through the Judy Lamarsh Fund. Through the generous contributions of individuals, the Judy Fund supports Liberal women candidates in their campaigns for elected office.

The election of Yvonne as Labrador’s new MP has helped our party take an important step forward in the participation of women at all levels of the Liberal Party, setting an important example for women across Canada who aspire to run for office in 2015.



Mary Pynenburg
President, National Women’s Liberal Commission