NWLC July Newsletter

July 25, 2012

I’m very proud to share with you this month’s special double issue of the NWLC newsletter, in which we recognize our past and present Liberal women candidates across the country.  Inside, these courageous and inspiring women share their stories, and remind us why it’s so critical to the health and future of our country for 50% of our population have equal influence and leadership in government.

The Judy LaMarsh Fund is dedicated to helping this country achieve that very equality in public life for women. Relying solely on contributions from Canadians like you, the fund is devoted to increasing the number of Liberal women in Parliament.

Large or small, your contribution makes a difference.

We need to increase our representation not only on the ballot, but also in our own communities, and with our local Liberal riding associations.

Find more tools for getting involved here on the NWLC website, and read the newsletter.

Thank you.

Mary Pynenburg

President, NWLC