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NWLC November 2013 Newsletter

Posted on November 19, 2013

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This month we continue our “Yes You Can” series illustrating the many ways women can get involved in politics at all levels:  running for president of the Liberal Party, running for federal nomination as a Liberal candidate, running for provincial nomination as a Liberal MLA, or being a premier in the Ontario Model Parliament.

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  1. said on

    I have just joined this discussion group, and am pleased to see a commitment to encouraging people running for office. I am too old, and fully bi-lingual enough to run for office. I have , at the liberated age of 80 yrs., acquired the ability to do emails. This is like giving a weapon to this old “has-been”. I am sure that I could be useful in supporting a Liberal candidate anywhere. Just give me the “bullets” {your message] and a list of ‘ targets’ [email addresses.
    Of course I can be equally dangerous if I do not support ant point of view.
    You can Google me to see that I’m not totally a nut.

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